Adam Staley Groves

Dr. Adam Staley Groves is an experienced university lecturer specializing in the development of undergraduate, interdisciplinary education. Originally from the Midwestern United States, Adam has resided in Singapore for over a decade. Adam holds PhDs in Modern Thought from the University of Aberdeen (2016) and in Philosophy from European Graduate School (2011). He is currently a Lecturer with Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and previously a Fellow of Tembusu College at the National University of Singapore where he received awards for teaching excellence and module development. In 2011, Adam published his first full volume of poetry Poetry Vocare which was followed up with Filial Arcade (2014) available through Punctum Books, New York. Adam has written poetry as well as criticism regarding the paintings of Ruben Pang. His precise interest concerns poetry and technic, specifically what Wallace Stevens calls “a poetry of thought.” His interests include painting, music, and writing.

Adam teaches Wallace Stevens.

Last updated: 12 May, 2023