2023 Ereignis Summer School

Instructors: Dr. Torgeir Fjeld, Professor Chris Norris, Professor Sharif Abdunnur, Professor Andrew Jorn

Summer School

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Join us for a week of seminars, talks, and a workshop at the 2023 Ereignis Summer School. Designed to ease the transition from graduate study to professional engagement this summer school will help you write better essays, give more professional presentations, and increase your academic acumen. The summer school consists of academic seminars, a workshop, and evening events. Included is free attendance at the 2023 Ereignis Conference, with an opportunity to present your paper. Our students are also invited to submit an essay to our peer-reviewed scholarly journal Inscriptions, giving you the chance to join the academic publishing curcuit. Seminars and the conference take place at Hotel Antares, Gdynia, Poland. Get in touch for specal deals on accommodation.
Last day to register: May 10, 2023.

Very recommended for a summer thinking adventure.

Wolfgang Schirmacher, Founder of the Philosophy Programme at EGS

Included in the 2023 Ereignis Summer School:

  • A 9-hour academic seminar – equivalent to a semester-long (12 week) university module – with Prof. Andrew Tyler Jorn, an internationally acclaimed philosopher of Being, psycho-analysis, and disability theory;
  • A 9-hour academic seminar with Prof. Christopher Norris, author of many books on critical theory, deconstruction, truth and meaning;
  • A workshop tailored to improve your academic writing and presentation skills. The workshop is hosted by the award-winning Palestinian/Lebanese/American film-maker and academic, Prof. Sharif Abdunnur;
  • Evening events, including informal talks with international academics;
  • Free attendance at the 2023 Ereignis Conference;
  • A dedicated forum for online discussion, open outside seminars;
  • Course diploma.

The summer school will take place at Hotel Antares in scenic Gdynia, beautifully located on the Baltic sea with short rides to beaches, forests, and restaurants. We offer good, inexpensive child-care solutions to those who want to bring families!

For more information and to sign up: ereignis.no">ereignis or send us an email at ereignis@tankebanen.no.

See you there!



Date Event Duration
Jun 4 – Jun 9 2023 Ereignis Summer School (6 days)
Time famine: Seminar with Prof. Andrew Tyler Jorn">ereignis 9 hrs (3 x 3 hr seminars)
Seminar: Prof. Chris Norris 9 hrs (3 x 3 hr seminars)
Workshop: How to give captivating presentations with Prof. Sharif Abdunnur 9 hrs (6 x 90 min sessions)
Events: Talks, and more
Jun 10 – Jun 11 The 3rd Ereignis Conference (2 days)
You are invited to submit your paper!
Sep 15 Deadline to submit essay for Inscriptions, a peer-reviewed, fully indexed academic journal.

In our seminar we will revisit the project of an ‘existential psychoanalysis’ adumbrated by Sartre at the end of Being and Nothingness. After reviewing what is at stake in this project and how elements of it are taken up in Lacan’s work, we will consider to what extent certain fundamental concepts of existential philosophy have been overlooked or under-deployed by Lacan’s (primarily Hegelian) followers. Specifically, we will attempt to displace the primordial ‘cut’ of subjectivity from language to temporality (symbolic to temporal castration), with an eye to supplementing the psychoanalytic critique of the libidinal economy of capitalism, which in crucial respects remains inadequate without it.

This course will focus on the ways that deconstructive readings of texts and situations engage with politically salient issues of truth, reason, and critique. We will be discussing texts by (among others) Jacques Derrida, Paul de Man, Noam Chomsky, Walter Benjamin, T.W. Adorno, Jürgen Habermas, and Alain Badiou. There will also be occasional reference to pertinent work in the ‘other’, i.e., analytic or chiefly Anglophone tradition of philosophical thought from Gottlob Frege and Bertrand Russell to Donald Davidson and Richard Rorty. The issues will be treated very much in the context of present-day debates about our so-called ‘post-truth’ era and the harms caused to political and civic life by a facile acceptance of (broadly speaking) postmodernist ideas. Special emphasis will be laid on the need to distinguish deconstruction very clearly from postmodernism, and to see where Derrida engages – critically but closely – with various aspects of Enlightenment, especially Kantian thought.

A practice-oriented workshop with exercises and hand-on activities designed to raise the game for researchers who speak and present their work to specialist and lay audiences.