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The phenomenologist Julio Alcántara signals a crest in the successive waves of dazzling Mexican filmmaking auteurs in this century. His breakthrough signals an integration of inner/outer into a holistic state of the ‘parareal’ inside the real is both universal and self-contained in that the parts reflect the whole. Alcantara’s artistic quest is to penetrate the state of contemporary alienation in order to seek the myth of the integral state connecting humanity at the core. His innovation of the film medium is through the marriage of celluloid/digital by means of deconstruction/reconstruction in mythical narrative, sacred geometry, symbolism and time/timelessness expressed in his material--the film frame itself. (Lisa Paul Streitfeld, Huffington Post Arts)

Julio has participated with this talk:
  • The symbol of the mask at Event and Becoming: the Inaugural 2021 Ereignis Conference (2021)