International People’s College, Denmark

Kresten Lundsgaard-Leth is with the International People’s College, Denmark. Lundsgaard-Leth has studied at Aalborg University, the Freie Universität Berlin and has been a visiting scholar at Warwick University, the University of Chicago and Deakin University. Lundsgaard-Leth has published on Kierkegaard, existential philosophy, German idealism, and the philosophy of hope, such as in Kierkegaard Studies Yearbook (2018), Clio (2019), Danish Yearbook of Philosophy (2018) and Trópos (2015).

Kresten has participated with this talk:
  • For the Love of God? On Hägglund’s misunderstanding of Fear and Trembling at Kierkegaard: Acts of philosophy - the Second Ereignis Conference (2022)