During PSM/PPSM I can’t avoid feeling inside-out, sensitive, vulnerable, especially if there are no reviews or little to no quality community discourse following the closure of an exhibit. This is doubly true in the absence of sales. Feedback need not be affirmative, as long as it is constructive. In the social media era continuity is added value. If one has little to post, after a busy publishing schedule, the platform algos recognize the drop in frequency, and move on, to emphasize more frenetic-paced accounts. For the user the interruption of virtual interaction can be jarring. The feeling is similar to waiting over-long at a bus stop or train station. Discomfort reveals the extent to which one has been trained to push content as a sign of life. One may crave followers’ like-clicks. It is not advisable to fill one’s streams with digital placebos, either. Take a break instead. Re-absorb the releasing compressed energies, as in digestion.

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