In two texts, I chronicled my passage through Post-Show Mode (PSM) and Post-Post-Show Mode (PPSM) after the closing of my exhibit VALUBL OBJX at Made in Astoria gallery in Astoria, Oregon. In PSM/PPSM, the artist may transition from the activities of art production and presentation into a relatively inactive phase, one that may be permanent. I immediately drift into this mind-space when the art is removed from the gallery wall and returns to the home, studio or storage. Over a long artistic career, I have learned to avoid the trap of looking backward at what just happened, in the bravado-tinted guise of Wolf Man, or forward, like an odd befuddled prehistoric bird, wondering about what’s next. It is better I find to resign oneself to temporarily inhabiting hybrid, present-situated quasi-creative persona, a virtual self-aware replica. […Think of it as s-Artist Prime (or sAP)?] Recovery, recreation and cautious reflection are recommended. Reactive or reflexive impulses are not. Is it beneficial during PSM/PPSM to survey the dimensional context of one’s existence? In small, gentle doses, possibly.

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