In the Post-Contemporary Period (PCP), everything is smeshed together. An image flashes across space and time to be eventful. In Plate 1 the embedded sketch contains a cauldron. The reference is The Book of Changes, or I Ching. The picture is an animation frame. In the frame, the stylized figure, mouth open, is forming a Canto. (RIP CG Jung, and Ezra Pound). A drawing of a person cannot produce sound. The cartoon is levitating the ceremonial pot. Did you notice the word “LEGEND” next to and above the container? A recessed (buried) map charts the territories of indigenous tribes in the American Pacific Northwest, where I now live and work. Layers of digital textures: details of my EVENT Series vinyl paintings; samples from the NODES Series of sketches and paintings on museum board; and copyright free stock images of ink on paper. What are the image’s prime points of interest, and how does the eye progress among the optical attractors? The sound is Off.

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