Pausing Time/Timing the Pause: sayability in the arts, philosophy, and politics

In his acceptance speech for the Nobel prize in literature Jon Fosse only half jokingly referred to himself as the master of silence: how else, he asked, can we bring the unsayable out in language than through “long pause, short pause, or, simply, pause.”

This year’s Ereignis conference seeks to bring the relation between speech and silence into further focus. Our key questions are:

  • What kind of speech, or speech event, enables the silent to come forward?
  • How can that which cannot be said be alluded or referred to in speech?
  • How is the relation between speech and silence challenged by the an increasing awareness of non-human speech?
  • What are the socio-political ramifications of these relations?

The 4th interdisciplinary Ereignis conference will take place on August 10 and 11, 2024 at Hotel Nadmorski in Gdynia, Poland, with a hybrid option for those unable to attend in person. Registration will be required.

Image by Holger Feulner. Used by permission.

Conference Programme

All times CET (Warsaw). The programme may be subject to change.



Friday 9 August: on-site in Gdynia, Poland


Meet-and-greet at the rooftop Vinegre bar in Gdynia. All is welcome!

Saturday 10 August: on-site in Gdynia, Poland



Dr. Torgeir Fjeld, Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts



Prof. Matthew Goulish, School of the Art Institute of Chicago: “Seven short lectures on silence” Abstract

Moderator: Torgeir Fjeld.


Session 1

Priya Carol, Assistant Professor, The American College, Madurai, India: “Ricochets of Reality: Gila Almagor’s Holocaust Narratives, Cinematic Postmemory, and the Socio-Political Nexus” Abstract Jørgen Veisland, University of Gdańsk, Poland: “The silence of the black guitar. Pathos in Jon Fosse’s Stengd gitarAbstract Lukasz Krajnik: “The Cinema of Nicolas Winding Refn &emdash; expressiveness of violence” Abstract

Moderator: Anda Pleniceanu.


Session 2

Aleksandra Holubowicz, UHK: “Daring to Sing: (Re)Gaining Your Voice in Activism” Abstract Milena Merhoutova, Charles University: “The Art of Silence: Spotlighting the Strategic Power of Pauses in Communication” Abstract Ejvind Hansen, Danish School of Media and Journalism: “Freedom of Silence as a Means to Freedom of Thought” Abstract

Moderator: Torgeir Fjeld.




Session 3

Dan Degerman, Bristol University: “Mania, history, and the sense of silence” Abstract Jae Ryeong Sul, Bristol University: “A Phenomenological Reflection on Silence and Its Relevance to Psychopathology” Abstract

Moderator: Jørgen Veisland.



Dr. Anda Pleniceanu, Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts: “Voices from the void: working to not work with Maurice Blanchot” Abstract

Moderator: Torgeir Fjeld.


Roundtable: Pauses, silences, lacunaes


Moderator: Torgeir Fjeld.


Day 1 proceedings end


Informal conference dinner at Hotel Nadmorski in Gdynia. Please indicate your presence and dietary preferenes ahead of time in this form.

Sunday 11 August: online on Zoom videoconferencing platform

(link and passcode will be sent by email to registered attendees in the morning)



Dr. Torgeir Fjeld, Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts



Prof. Ronny Miron, Bar Ilan University: “Silence and Nothingness” Abstract

Moderator: Torgeir Fjeld.


Session 4

Elaine Cagulada, Queen’s University: “Flower Interrupted: The Ineffable Sayability of Death and the Silence of Life Entangled” Abstract Dror Pimentel: “Odradek: Kafka’s Name for the Nameless” Abstract

Moderator: Sharif Abdunnur.


Lunch break


Session 5

Cameron Vaziri, Duquesne University: “Press Pause to Play: Stopping the Videogame as Poststructuralist Engagement” Abstract Jytte Holmqvist, University of Central Lancashire/ Hebei University: “Clare Keegan: Expressing truths in the silence between the words” Abstract

Moderator: Torgeir Fjeld.



Prof. (Em.) Christopher Norris, University of Cardiff, Wales: “Language and sayability” Abstract

Moderator: Anda Pleniceanu.


Concluding words: Silence and meaning

Dr. Torgeir Fjeld, Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts closes the conference.


Conference ends