• Flower Interrupted: The Ineffable Sayability of Death and the Silence of Life Entangled

    Paper: Elaine Cagulada (Bio)

  • Mania, history, and the sense of silence

    Paper: Dan Degerman (Bio)

  • Seven short lectures on silence

    Keynote address: Matthew Goulish (Bio)

  • Freedom of Silence as a Means to Freedom of Thought

    Paper: Ejvind Hansen (Bio)

  • Clare Keegan: Expressing truths in the silence between the words

    Paper: Jytte Holmqvist (Bio)

  • Daring to Sing: (Re)Gaining Your Voice in Activism

    Paper: Aleksandra Holubowicz (Bio)

  • Ricochets of Reality: Gila Almagor’s Holocaust Narratives, Cinematic Postmemory, and the Socio-Political Nexus

    Paper: Priya Carol J (Bio)

  • The Art of Silence: Spotlighting the Strategic Power of Pauses in Communication

    Paper: Milena Merhoutova (Bio)

  • Silence and Nothingness

    Keynote address: Ronny Miron (Bio)

  • Language and sayability

    Keynote address: Chris Norris (Bio)

  • Silent Echoes: The Dialectics of Absence in Artistic Expression

    Keynote address: Anda Pleniceanu (Bio)

  • A Phenomenological Reflection on Silence and Its Relevance to Psychopathology

    Paper: Jae Ryeong Sul (Bio)

  • Press Pause to Play: Stopping the Videogame as Poststructuralist Engagement

    Paper: Cameron Vaziri (Bio)

  • The silence of the black guitar. Pathos in Jon Fosse’s Stengd gitar.

    Paper: Jørgen Veisland (Bio)