Beyond dualism — philosophy, religion, science: the third Ereignis Conference

A divergence in Western philosophy occurs in early Greek philosophy (6th century B.C.) as Heraclitus asserts that things are in flux whereas Parmenides advances the argument that the universe is static. The latter argument seems to be confirmed by quantum physics: 20th century research in the field of physics establishes that the cosmos is static. Eastern epistemology affirms what to the Western mind appears to be a paradox: Phenomena in the external world exist in a state of flux, yet everything is one, and there is no difference between inside and outside. With attempts being made to transcend dualist though in Christian theology and other religious tradition the third interdisciplinary Ereignis conference (June 10-11, 2023) seeks to investigate how science and religion have questioned the status of dualist thought, and how they have influenced the development of each other.

Download the Conference Programme as PDF.

The conference was held on-site at Hotel Antares in Gdynia, Poland, and on-line, on the Zoom videoconferencing platform, on June 10 and 11, 2023. Registration was required. Watch videos of the keynotes and discussion at the conference.

Confirmed keynote speakers

  • Dr. Jeremy Fernando, European Graduate School, Switzerland: “on translation & love” Abstract;
  • Prof. Lucy Huskinson, Bangor University, UK: “Psychoanalysis and Architecture: mediating our connection to the material world” Abstract;
  • Prof. Vivek Narayanan, George Mason University, USA: “Trapped Between History and the Transcendent” Abstract;
  • Prof. Dr. Jørgen Veisland, University of Gdańsk, Poland: “Spacetime in Søren Kierkegaard’s RepetitionAbstract.


Papers are timed to 20 minutes and followed by a Q&A with the audience. Each session is moderated.

Conference fee

  • General attendance: €120 (standard fee);
  • Reduced fee: €80 (students and the unwaged).


This event is hosted by Inscriptions — a journal for contemporary thinking on art, philosophy and psycho-analysis, and Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts.

Scholastic committee:

  • Dr. Demaine Solomons, University of Western Cape, South Africa;
  • Prof. Dr. Jørgen Veisland, University of Gdańsk, Poland;
  • Dr Torgeir Fjeld, Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts.