Gisle Selnes (Bio)

Job’s Modernity; or Ereignis & Repetition: a Lacanian re-view, with discontinual reference to the Assange case

This address discusses recent Lacanian interventions in the work of Kierkegaard, most notably Gjentagelsen (Repetition, 1843), with special emphasis on Kierkegaard’s use of The Book of Job to account for the problem of repetition. It situates Kierkegaard’s understanding of Job’s paradoxical experience of loss, anxiety, and (‘undeserved’) retribution as an important re-interpretation of the Biblical drama in a post-Kantian vein, opening it up to a modern critique of religious and political ideology. Finally, a parallel to the ongoing Assange case is drawn, hopefully revealing (at least) two creatively contradictory readings: that of the scapegoat versus an unbening poetico-theological subjectivity.