• Interfusion between Narrative and Existence: A Hermeneutic of ‘Guilty or Not Guilty’ in Stages on Life’s Way

    Paper: Christine Hsiu-Chin Chou (Bio)

  • Disorienting Upbuilding: Ricoeur and Kierkegaard on Spiritual Transfiguration through Reading

    Paper: Dante Clementi (Bio)

  • Welcome: Torgeir Fjeld (Bio)

  • For the Love of God? On Hägglund’s misunderstanding of Fear and Trembling

    Keynote address: Kresten Lundsgaard-Leth (Bio)

  • Neither/Nor: Kierkegaard Between Philosophy and Literature

    Keynote address: Chris Norris (Bio)

  • Elucidating humour in Kierkegaard’s philosophy

    Paper: Gorica Orsholits (Bio)

  • Job’s Modernity; or Ereignis & Repetition: a Lacanian re-view, with discontinual reference to the Assange case

    Keynote address: Gisle Selnes (Bio)

  • Lord of the Door: Kierkegaard and the poetry of thought

    Paper: Adam Staley Groves (Bio)

  • What’s in a name. A Kierkegaardian approach to Herman Melville’s Billy Budd, Albert Camus’ The Myth of Sisyphus and Paul Auster’s City of Glass

    Keynote address: Jørgen Veisland (Bio)

  • The Divinatory and the contemporaneity: different thoughts of Schleiermacher and Kierkegaard on hermeneutics

    Paper: Huang Yufeng (Bio)

  • Aesthetic images as the reconnection of the self with the world: an Adornian approach to Kierkegaard

    Paper: Giulia Zerbinati (Bio)

  • To die being oneself: The literary image of the ‘teacher of earnestness’ and it’s place in self-becoming

    Paper: Santiago de Arteaga (Bio)