Sharif Abdunnur (Bio)

Think existentially, act on your personal mythology: an interactive workshop

In a digital ever changing flux world it is harder and harder to find your voice, your story and yourself. This interactive workshop will guide you through an amalgamation of Jung’s Collective Knowledge and Archetypes to the essence of the journey from Joseph Cambell in order to help you find genuine true lies of who you are in the Nietzschean spin off and coming to accept it in this pseudo ultra reality of the new world in line with, Wolfgang Schirmacher’s, new Homogenerator. Mastering telling your story to others but more importantly telling the story to yourself and learning where the self rests and how to embrace its constant state of flux and chaos. Deconstructing the media narrative of “how to be” and “who to be” in order to understand where we lay in the stages of the three metamorphoses and see whether we prefer to embrace the possibility of becoming our own self created “Übermensch” or if there is even a possibility of remaining a “satisfied pig” rather than the constant anxiety of being a “dissatisfied Socrates”.