• Think existentially, act on your personal mythology: an interactive workshop

    Workshop: Sharif Abdunnur (Bio)

  • The symbol of the mask

    Paper: Julio Alcántara (Bio)

  • Event, Alienation, and Ground in Heidegger’s Ontology

    Keynote address: James Bahoh (Bio)

  • The dialectic of the ‘Red Years’: a non-dualistic approach to Badiou’s theory of the Event

    Paper: Constanza Filloy (Bio)

  • Welcome: Torgeir Fjeld (Bio)

  • Love in the smooth flow of Becoming

    Paper: Avron Kulak (Bio)

  • ‘Being tied to experience’: towards a subjective account of the phenomenology of the event

    Paper: Daniel Neumann (Bio)

  • Ethics of psychosynthesis: desiring the event

    Keynote address: Mehdi Parsa (Bio)

  • The event of art: an aesth-ethic reading of Rilke

    Paper: Dror Pimentel (Bio)

  • Translation as becoming

    Paper: Nikolaus Schneider (Bio)

  • Event and becoming in the city: the contribution of Guattari’s ecosophy

    Paper: Dominique Sellier (Bio)

  • The scent of lemon soap: social subjectivity in James Joyce’s Ulysses

    Paper: Simon Smith (Bio)

  • The appropriation of being: dismantling totalitarianism in Unto Madness, Unto Death by Kirsten Thorup

    Keynote address: Jørgen Veisland (Bio)