Laus Strandby Nielsen

Laus Strandby Nielsen, born in Denmark in 1944, is the author of many books following his debut in 1970 with the poems Åhhh! ... Kom hurtigt! (Oh! Come quickly!). Among his most important publications are Som i en drøm. Digte om at vågne (As in a Dream. Poems about Waking Up, 1982), Mellemrum (Spaces In-Between, 1999), Kærlighedsdigte m.m. (Love Poems, etc., 2006), and Når det er mørkt, bliver det lyst (When it is Dark, it gets Bright, 2016). In 2019 he released his latest book of poetry, – og andre steder (– and other places) on Asger Schnacks forlag. Laus Strandby Nielsen was awarded a lifetime stipend from the Danish State Fund for the Arts in 2015, and won The Danish Academy’s Beatrice Prize the same year.

Laus Strandby Nielsen is the author of

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