Join us for at the Ereignis Pod. Hosted by Torgeir Fjeld, this podcast is available in the Ereignis SoundCloud.

Episode: 4: This podcast features an interview with Dr. Adam Staley Groves, who teaches a course on Wallace Stevens and the technique of poetry for Ereignis Institute. To Dr. Groves, to be a poet is to become aware of circimstances that are in our lives; it is to understand the poetry that is with us all. In this podcast we also discussed the figure of former US president Donald Trump as an artist, as someone who creates the familiar from the unfamiliar. The important thing for Dr. Groves is that by “understanding him as an artist we can get past some of the barriers we have to accepting him as a human being, and then we can guard in a supremely sympathetic way our own humanity from the sort of gross polarisation we see.”

Published: 23 August, 2022

Episode: 3: This podcast features a recording from the launch of Christopher Norris’s new collection of poetry on utopos publishing, Damaged Life: poems after Adorno’s Minima Moralia. The following poems are included in the podcast: “Commitment: Adorno/Brecht” (selection); “Little Nails”; “Magic Flute”; “Splinter” (read by Val Norris); “Hegel and the Robot-Bombs”; “Gaps”; ‘Promise me this, my child’ (read by Val Norris).

Published: 21 December, 2021

Episode: 2: Mehdi Parsa on subjectivity, desire, and the event. We meet Dr. Mehdi Parsa to talk about the upcoming Ereignis Conference, Being and Event. Parsa specialises in the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and his logic of event. We talked about subjectivity, desire, and the transcendental unconsciousness. Hosted by Torgeir Fjeld the ePod gives you fresh views on philosophy, art, and society.

Published: 6 April, 2021

Episode: 1: Stefan Chazbijewicz and the post-utopian society. In this first episode of the Ereignis Podcast painter and film-maker Stefan Chazbijewicz talks about his vision of how the pandemic ushers us into what he calls a post-utopian society, and about what he sees as the rôle of art. Hosted by Torgeir Fjeld this podcast gives you fresh views on philosophy, art, and society.

Published: 6 April, 2021