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On-site seminars

2023 Ereignis Summer School

Join us for a week of seminars, workshops, and talks at the 2023 Ereignis Summer School. This summer school will inspire you, help you write better essays, and present your work more professionally. In one week we offer two world-class academic seminars, workshops, and evening events. Included is free attendance at the 2023 Ereignis Conference, with an opportunity to present your paper. Get in touch for specal deals on accommodation. Last day to register: May 10, 2023.

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Live seminars

Research and writing: live seminar

Instructor: Adam Staley Groves

Beginning February 15, this online writing-for-research course module is specially designed for advanced graduate students and early-career scholars. Participants get to share ideas and drafts, discuss research techniques and writing skills, and, under supervision, hone their academic craft. Join in this live online seminar and get a special rate for our upcoming Summer School and conference in Gdynia, Poland. First seminar: Wed February 15 at 15h30 CET on Zoom. Sign up to receive logon details.

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writing | reading | translating | love

Instructor: Jeremy Fernando

This seminar explores our relationship with texts, specifically in the moments we call reading and writing. And opens the possibility that reading and writing are not so much acts but approaches. It posits every encounter with a text as one possibly haunted by blindness, even premised on a certain unknowability. Much like love: if love is to be an openness to the possibility of another. More than that, every encounter, even when done with as much care as possible, always also transforms the text. Where the one who reads, who writes — who is already translating when doing so — is always also potentially a traitor.

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Prerecorded modules

Philosophies of Life Technologies

Instructor: Torgeir Fjeld

This course presents a distinct view of technology and technological change. As we situate technology within various philosophies of the event we learn to appreciate a whole range of life techniques for ethical – good – living in the event of technology. This course gives a solid introduction into the philosophy of Ereignis. The course is designed for anyone interested in ethics, philosophy of technology, contemporary psychoanalysis, or cultural analysis.

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Ethics after Nietzsche’s Genealogy of Morality I

Instructor: Mehdi Parsa

This course aims to unpack the developments of ethical thought in continental European philosophy (particularly in France) after and in response to Nietzsche’s critique of morality which appears in his Genealogy of Morality and Beyond Good and Evil. The main conceptual distinction that I’m going to elaborate is between morality and ethics. And the main problematic is that how can we have a good life in a world in which there is no transcendent moral principle. Nietzsche’s critique of morality clears the space for French philosophers to think about a possibility of an immanent ethics.

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Wallace Stevens: Theōria and Technic

Instructor: Adam Staley Groves

Wallace Stevens’s novelty remains obscured by certain critics and philosophers who themselves oppose one another. The former desire Stevens a national figure of Americana; others emphasize their own aesthetic theory. Most shun philosophical implications which place the poetry in service of philosophy. Stevens’s ‘theōria’ holds implications beyond conventional truth disputes. This seminar explores theōria as contra-criticism which views technological determinism as a most potent critic of the imagination. Thus Stevens’s “poetry itself” and “a poetry of thought” offer ethical considerations for humans under the reins of technic.

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