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Student terms and conditions

Ereignis Institute offers on-site learning, live seminars, mentoring programmes, and online, pre-recorded modules under the rubric of Leadership in the Event of Technology. Our purpose is to generate spaces to meet and exchange views, insights, and creative practices. Our teaching is grounded on the belief that to understand something means to take possession of it. There are no mandatory assignments or exams with our courses.

On-site learning: The Ereignis Summer School

Our inaugural Ereignis Summer School offers a week of seminars, workshops, and talks designed to ease the transition from graduate study to professional engagement. The school is scheduled for a week in June 2023 in Gdynia, Poland. For more information and to sign up see our school page.

Refunds: If for any reason one of our modules is cancelled we will fully refund your course fee.

Summer school

Live seminars

Our live seminars take place on Zoom: they are combinations of expert talks and dialogues between participants. By signing up to a live seminar you get

  • 6 x 90 minute on-line seminar sessions with an internationally acclaimed scholar;
  • access to a dedicated discussion forum where you can engage the instructor and fellow students;
  • a special rate for the 2023 Ereignis Summer School;
  • course diploma.

Research seminar

Pre-recorded modules

Our pre-recorded course modules are designed to provide for a variety of learning styles. Typical study time for each course module is 12 weeks. By signing up to one of our recorded modules you get access to

  • many hours of lectures on video (running time varies with each course);
  • lecture notes, reading lists, and exercises;
  • access to a dedicated discussion forum where you can engage the instructor and fellow students;
  • course diploma.

How to register

To register for one of our courses go to the relevant course page and press the “Buy Now” button. After registering you will be taken to our third-party payment gateway, PayPal. Your enrolment in the course is activated when we receive confirmation of your payment. When you are enrolled you can watch videos, download additional documents and participate in the student forum.

Conditions for use of our restricted areas

Period of access: Registered students gain access to our restricted area for a limited time from the date of registration. The length of access if given on the course page;

Limitation: Access to our restricted areas, including the materials listed therein, is limited to the personal use of the registered student. Access may not be forwarded, given, or lent to others. This includes hyperlinks to videos, additional documents, discussion forums, and other materials listed on the restricted area. Breach of this limitation may lead to that access to the restricted area is revoked.

More about our Course Diploma

We are happy to issue a course diploma to students who have completed a module with us. This diploma can serve as documentation of your study, and you may include it in your future correspondence with potential employers, educational providers, etc. To receive your diploma, please press the button below.

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Last updated: 1 November, 2022