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Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts is an organisation for research, education, and outreach based in Norway and Poland with a global reach and international membership. The purpose of the Ereignis Center is to research, teach, host events, and disseminate the Ereignis philosophy. The Center is neutral in questions of party politics.

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Our approach

Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts is grounded on the belief that to understand something means that we take possession of it. Ereignis is a term from German, meaning a happening, or to make something one’s own.

In this spirit the center organises:

  • Teaching: Through the Ereignis Institute we offer online courses, live seminars, and mentoring programmes under the rubric of Leadership in the Event of Technology;
  • Events: With the Ereignis Retreat we generate spaces to meet and exchange views, insights, and creative practices. The Ereignis Center works with the scholarly community and academic institutions, as well as with artists and other creative collectives;
  • Research: Our research into topics in philosophy, media studies, and psycho-analysis asks what it is to find and engage with our most essential truths. Our studies has been presented at many international conferences, and our associated scholars have had their results published in acclaimed journals and monographs;
  • Publications: Our publisher Tankebanen forlag and its English-language imprint utopos publishing make available excellent scholarship, fiction and art. We publish the international peer-reviewed journal Inscriptions.

Board and administration

Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts is governed by a board with the following members (2021-2023):

  • Torgeir Fjeld, Head and Executive Director;
  • Knut-Erik Hauslo, Director of Ereignis Education; and
  • Patrycja Fjeld, Art Director.


All multimedia files published by Ereignis Center are in the public domain or marked as in the ownership of the artist. Please do not copy or reuse content that is not explicitly marked as under the CC BY-NC license.

The Ereignis logo was made by Patrycja Fjeld. Used by permission. The podcast music is “Coffee” by Cambo ( CC BY-NC).

The Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts treats your data safely and securely. Read more about our terms and policies. For more information send us an email at

Last updated: 1 January, 2020