Our events further explore the potentialities of our liberating philosophy. Join us for reflection, relaxation and meditation in unique settings.

Beyond dualism – the 3rd Ereignis Conference

June 10-11, 2023: A divergence in Western philosophy occurs in early Greek philosophy as Heraclitus asserts that things are in flux whereas Parmenides advances the argument that the universe is static. The third Ereignis conference seeks to investigate how science and religion have questioned the status of dualist thought, and how they have influenced the development of each other.

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Kierkegaard: Acts of philosophy – the 2nd Ereignis Conference

11-12 June, 2022: Our time is one of renewed interest in the work of Søren Kierkegaard, as well as in the existential act in and of philosophy. This conference will shed renewed light on the literary and artistic character of Kierkegaard’s work and to philosophy, literature and art that connect with key ideas in his work.

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Event and Becoming: the Inaugural 2021 Ereignis Conference

How does the event puncture the smooth flow of becoming? And what is it like, the event in which we become ourselves? These are among our key questions in this first, inaugural Ereignis conference, to be held online Friday, June 11, 2021. Hosted by Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts, and headlined by internationally acclaimed speakers on appropriation and becoming, this conference seeks to merge profound and innovative thought with practical approaches to becoming. How do we arrive into our own?

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Ereignis Retreat

Learn more about our philosophical retreats, set in distinctive locations in Northern Europe, where a select group of people meet world-class philosophers and coaches in seminars, workshops, and talks designed to enhance our quality of life.

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