Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts

The Ereignis Center is grounded on the belief that to understand something means that we take possession of it. Ereignis is a term from German, meaning to make something one’s own.

In this spirit the Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts engage in these domains of outreach:

  • teaching: we teach topics in Philosophy and Aesthetics, English and Scandinavian Studies, Media and Cultural Theory, and adjoining fields. Our teaching engagements range from mid-size instutions to one-on-one tutorials.
  • events: the Ereignis Center works with the scholarly community and academic institutions, as well as with artists and other creative collectives to generate spaces to meet and exchange views, insights, and creative practices.
  • research: our research into topics in Philosophy, Media Studies, and psycho-analysis asks what it is to find and engage with our most essential truths. Our studies has been presented at many international conferences, and our associated scholars have been published their results in acclaimed journals and monographs.
  • publications: through our publisher Tankebanen forlag we are dedicated to making excellent scholarship and outstanding fiction and art available through generally accessible channels. Tankebanen is the publisher of the international peer-reviewed journal Inscriptions.

For more information contact us on e-mail, follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

The Ereignis logo was made by Patrycja Fjeld. Used by permission.