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Wednesday, 6 December, 2023: Dr. Gray Kochhar-Lindgren (University of Hong Kong and Wild Studios Consulting): “The Enigma of Writing: Style, Habit, Genre, and Accident.” Gray, an award-winning writing teacher, will speak about his new book on utopos publishing, Pintxos. Bring in a sentence or a short paragraph of your own writing to throw into the ring of conversation! The free and open Ereignis Seminar runs on the first Wednesday of each month @ 16h00 CET.

6 October, 2023 Seminar: Introducing the open and free Ereignis Seminar: Wednesday 1 November, 2023 @ 16h00 CET on Zoom.more...
8 September, 2023 CfP: Inscriptions invites contributions to our upcoming themed issue, Beyond Dualism. Deadline 15 September/15 October, 2023. Read the full CfP.more...
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